Anthony Kleinepier was born and raised in Zoutelande, at the most southern coast of the Netherlands. After a technical training he studied at the Design Academy, Eindhoven and St.Joost Art Academy, Breda. Already before his graduation year he started his own office in Eindhoven for spatial design; Ubik, designing interiors. Also he initiated fruitful collaborations with other artists and was a member of CrashComfort, a interdisciplinary collective that interfered on all levels of design and entertainment.

As a reaction on the lack of imagination in furniture design he started an experimental production in his idiosyncratic approach of Soft Living Improvement Products under his label BONE and presented these works in staged settings worldwide, to show an different mindstate towards design and the interior as a living scenery. 

” I like to raise more questions than give answers, so that expectations and codes of our daily environment become vague. This makes people wake up to the fact that they are entitled to an interpretation of their own.”