MushRoom for “Pop-Up Generation, Design Between Dimension” BREDA


MushRoom  for Exhibition “The Pop-Up Generation, Design Between Dimensions”  by Lidewij Edelkoort

design 2011, realization 2011 (one-off)

developed in collaboration with: DessoVescom bv | Léo Schellens bv / John Vos meubelatelier Venlo

materials: mohair velvet, steel, soft foam – dimensions: 250 x 360 x 360cm (±h x w x d) – colours: Chicago orange, bluegreen, longhair Samson (2 tint /pressed) green, brown

on show:  MOTI, Museum of the Image, Breda 12-12-2011 – 12-04-2012


At the start of the 21st century, the world is a cacophony of different cultures, destitute economies, innovative mass media and hyper technology. Old structures disappear and are replaced by a longing for synergy that flourishes with the new worldwide means of communication. In the practice of design, disciplines merge and worlds are linked together; 2D & 3D, analogue & digital, culture & capital, science & art, nature & technology and local & global.

“Nestled in that no man’s land, a new era with new work is being prepared; artistic and elastic statements that without a doubt are shifting between all disciplines and all dimensions.”

In both the exhibition and the book entitled The Pop-Up Generation, Design between Dimensions, Edelkoort has selected designers from ‘The Generation’ who make transience and the immaterial visible; as an apparition; from pop-up shops and museums and guerilla brands to moving merchandising. Moving in the sense of motion and action, but also in the sense of emotional and aimed at the senses.

Participating designers: Borre Akkersdijk (NL), BCXSY (IL/JP), Tord Boontje (NL), Catharina van Eetvelde (BE), Kiki van Eijk (NL), Eley Kishimoto & Ben Wilson (GB/JP), Carla Fernández (MX), Front (SE), Anna Garforth (GB), Jaime Hayon (SP), Niels Hoebers (NL), Anthony Kleinepier (NL), Eric Ku (USA), Laurens Manders (NL), Niels Meulman (NL), Issey Miyake (JP), Molo (CA), Bartosz Mucha (PL), Camille Scherrer (CH), Rodrigo Solórzano (MX), Studio Job (NL), Carolina Wilcke (NL), Richard Woods & Sebastian Wrong (GB) 

Logo: James Victore Inc. (USA)        Exhibition design: Joost van Bleiswijk (NL)

1.MushRoom-for--'Pop-Up-Gen 2.MushRoom-for--'Pop-Up-Gen 3MushRoom-for--'Pop-Up-Gene

fabric by DessoVescom bv | Léo Schellens bv

100% natural dyed mohair made by the Angora goatSchermafbeelding 2019-04-12 om 12.24.17


photography: Tim Eshuis

catalogue The Pop-Up Generation: Design Between Dimensions, BIS Publishers 2012


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making of….

make2a make02

mushroom making of the stem – raw sculpting


SAMSON mohair velvet brown



DessoVescom bv | Léo Schellens bv. Longhair Samson (2 tint /pressed mohair velvet)

make04 make05


sketch  mush002 mush003